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5 Good reasons why you need a website for your business!

date September 21st, 2014 | themesfarmicon themesfarm | responsive Response


As we know about human evolution on earth. In today’s world the process of human being adopting to revolution of Industrial Innovation, Research and Technology in various fields has made Information Technology affordable in the form of personal computer (PC) which slowly became part of our day to day life, be it studies or business .

The Next revolution came in the form of Network and Internet, where the whole world tends to be connected round the clock and don’t sleep is so called World Wide Web abbreviated as WWW or W3

5 Good reasons to have a website

Reach out to your target audience Local as well Global – which is bigger platform.

Having a website is an advertisement on its own to showcase your Product, Services and Skills. No matter what type of business, you can demonstrate them with combination of content, images, videos with happy client testimonials on your website. You can print your website URL on your business card/flyers and share them offline in your business meetings. Get listed on local and global business directories with high page ranks, Google places and niche blogs etc which would help your website get recognized by major search engines online like Google, Yahoo and Bing customers interested will defently look into your website for information.

Save money and time – how is it done?

Cost of website design varies. For small business you can always pick affordable templates or themes that fits your budget and business needs, you can get it up and running in short time once live, it is always accessible to your regular as well potential customers. In today’s busier lifestyle, websites have made a huge impact on retail industry (ecommerce) for online sales.

24/7 and 365 days your business is online – Web Hosting

In simple your business website works when you are sleeping. Most of the web hosting providers guarantee the reliability of their servers and probably percentage up time like 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, so pick the best provider – Up time! what does this mean, this means your website is online 24/7 and 365 days on the hosting provider server. So ensure your website have a good information about your products, services and skills which makes your business unique.

Social Media can help your content go viral – Social Networks are trend

Various notified Social networking platforms like Facebook / Twitter / Linked in/ You tube etc help your inform, brand or website content travel. This mode of reach out is phenominal, as reviews are done by real people – Their it would be positive or negative. If you get it right, your website will be the best tool you would have for promoting your business.

Mobile & Tablets.. What next?

One such revolution from APPLE – Mr. Steve Jobs, introduced us to Smart phone- iphone , ofcourse there were other phone marker, but iphone is one such gadget that make people go crazy. These latest addition of Innovative devices to digital world are helping people browse information on go with the wifi/cellular technology. Such devices has become part of our lives and the information is just a click away – Free Apps, paid Apps are channelized medium for these devices while these apps could be the extension of your business on these devices.

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