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Improve your Google Page Rank with Safe, relevant & ethical practice

date October 17th, 2014 | themesfarmicon themesfarm | responsive Response

White hat SEO to shake hands with Google – After too much of black hat SEO practice & so called Keyword stuffing to get listed quickly and resulting in no relevance for search topics. We all know Google has put a brake on it now with its latest algorithm update called Google Hummingbird. So how to Improve your Google Page Rank & what does Google say about it is simple “Too much is too bad”. As far as reading many articles on how to get good ranking or get better web presence. I just want to say “write good quality & original content which are simple and effective that brings value to your website or blog” to drive business presence online and not to forget with relevant keywords that relate to your business services/product.


We can find lot of articles about how to get high page ranking or some titled like how to get listed quickly on Google first page. An honest effort to give some knowledge on this topic to our User base.

There are plenty of factors that determine your website performance in Search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. Some of these tips & tricks to help you save money and time – as well our effort to keep it short and sweet so it’s helpful for beginners to get a decent page views to improve your Google Page Rank.

Beginners Essential To Improve Web Page Ranking

  • Pick a domain that has your business keyword.
  • Choose 3 best keywords that fits your business services for each particular page.
  • Using keyword in Title Tag is very important
  • Using Keyword in Description Tag, also helps
  • H1 Tags are visible headlines for your web page – makes sense to have keyword
  • Breadcrumbs are really navigation helper to move between the pages, so helps track back to home
  • Good Quality, Original Content is relevant to your web page
  • Huge Content length is boring, better to break them up as bullet points or numbered list will help you achieve reading level of web page.
  • Image optimization with proper name, title, alt text with description and caption is important
  • Multimedia files like Images, Videos are good, apart from content to keep users engaged
  • Having your product or services Video on YouTube can be a huge plus point since it’s Google’s product
  • Page Load Speed – Here is Google developers tool to test Google Insights
  • Quality Link building exercise i.e. links from other website is a good factor (Note: Only Quality High PR sites are worth or it would work negative on your website)
  • HTML error validation W3C Validator and following proper W3C standards
  • Keep it short & effective URLs with keywords for your internal pages.
  • Sitemap is very important to describe the structure of your website.
  • Having SSL Certificate is a trusted signal for Google
  • Privacy Policy & Terms Conditions are quite important pages for any business
  • Get listed on Local business directory
  • If your good at writing create your Business blog page and keep adding article about your Products or Services
  • Today the trend is Responsive website design Why? Users browsing from different devices not just only PC its wider like Tablets & Smart Phone. Google’s stance
  • Google had provided some of these tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to analyse our website performance.
  • Very important factor which is must for any business today are; create Facebook Profile page, Twitter profile page, LinkedIn profile page any other Social networking sites that you have registered add them on your website.

Lets end with a note on Social Media today is very powerful, once you have your profile in place it doesn’t end there, send out invitation to your friends, business partners & vendors. Be active on your Social Media page, keep posting about your business updates or offers and Improve your Google Page Rank.

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