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Pros & Cons of using Website Templates

date September 21st, 2014 | themesfarmicon themesfarm | responsive Response

Pros & Cons of using  Website Templates

The craft of web design, development & Internet marketing are niche skills to build a decent website & drive essential traffic for the site to delivery results to online business. As a business owner, business developer or a marketing agency plan to develop & maintain a website apart from other business publicity the cost factor is on top of the list. Today the trendy being responsive website design, conceptualise, development and testing for tablets and smart phones devices are key factors to achieve the same results to delivery cross-browser compatibility.

Advantages of Web Templates

  • If the content material is ready to market your business/ services online, within less time and effort a website can go live, just that one needs to pick right template for the type of business.
  • Templates, the word itself describe a model or standard, they have verity and right choice of category helps to structure information for business /services in style, just one need to have an eye for creativity.
  • A very cost effective choice, if you plan your business presence using a web template, as custom website design would cost a bomb, say approximately anywhere between $250 to $3000 or more. For today’s responsive web design trendy it could he higher side and time consuming, also you could end up getting 2 or 3 iterations as choice depends, does your business wait for it?
  • A simplest secret on functionality- most of the business website menu features are quite common, but in exceptionally cases it varies now! What is the little secret?
    Remember while navigating menus on internet what you see? Home, About us, Services, & Contact they are very common navigation elements.
  • Our great strength and advantage is responsive website design and development, to the latest trendy and technology, at the same time keeping in mind its future proof for the buyers. We have responsive wordPress web template readymade for your business or services which are affordable and tested for compatibility for most of the browsers & devices.

Disadvantages of Web Templates

  • As it’s a template you should be aware of that you are not the first one to use and it’s not exclusive, i.e somebody else also could have similar web template.
  • One of disadvantage is version upgrade, it could be wordPress or any other source files involved, ultimately you need to check on the latest versions before buying them, we would be releasing templates for new versions and compatible version releases.
  • Some template sellers claim plug and play, we personally do not believe that, as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, wordPress knowledge & Photo editing software skill are must.

Conclusion :

Let me share the trick where you can turn disadvantages to your advantage and save money, please don’t envy my custom web design friends we love your works.

Tips- 1. You can pick best of best responsive website template from our showcase, no matter if it’s used by others just that it depends on the web masters/freelancer’s skills whom you hire for integration, so they are aware of web technology and present design trend to spice it up, obviously you don’t use the same image and titles for your website, select better images and catchy titles for products & service. Content with Images & Videos are loud that drive to the point.

Tips- 2. Whether you go for custom website design or web template, what you need is good content & better SEO/SMO planning.

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